"We speak IT, so you don't have to."We provide computer services & education for business and residential needs. Services include computer networking, computer repair (PCs & Macs), & computer security. We also sell geek novelties. We sell computers and computer related items. We seek to educate all ages both in formal computer classes and by providing services without speaking "geekspeak" to you. We believe technology is an exciting field. We want to give as many as possible, the opportunity to learn about technology.

We are the three geeks of GeekSpeak!

Aaron Rice has been involved in information technology for more than 10 years and has experience repairing various types of PCs, Macs and servers. He has certifications in information security (CISSP), bioinformatics (BINF) and is a project management candidate (PMP). Aaron has an MBA and loves taking grad classes for fun. He currently lives in Reddick with his wife, Sarah, and a new baby daughter.

Richard Tran earned his BA in computer science and MBA from Olivet Nazarene University, where he has been employed as an information technology systems support engineer for more than eight years. With extensive experience repairing printers as well as Mac and PC computers, Richard currently holds a CompTIA A+ and a Dell computer repair certification. He has also been involved in the management and hiring of technical personnel. Richard lives with his wife, Krista, in Kankakee.

Jeffrey Rice has had a life-long passion for science, technology and learning. Besides completing his BA in biology and a MBA, Jeff has worked in information technology for more than a decade. He specializes in information security, routing, switching and wireless technologies and has been active in designing and maintaining enterprise class networks. Jeff lives in Bradley with his wife, Sheila, and their toddler, Ellie.

Together, we formed Geek Speak, Inc. In addition to our above credits, we also have experience in technology education.

We want to bring out your inner geek. We're a group of technology loving geeks with almost 30 years of experience. We want to share our passion for technology. We want to provide you with products that are fun and imaginative. We promise to provide you with exceptional computer products and talk with you using everyday language.


Our Promise

Used with permission. "The Christian Businessman's Pledge" by Hope Harrington Kolb. Copyright 1994


Integrity I pledge to be honest in all my dealings,abiding by the spirit of the law, not just the letter of the law.

Quality I pledge to put forth every effort to achieve the highest quality in all I do, and to stand behind my word and my work

Courtesy I will be as kind & helpful to others as I want them to be to me, because I believe in the Golden Rule.

Family I will always try to keep my priorities straight & remember that my family Is more important than money.

Eternity Most of all, I will always put God first, Never forgetting that my real business is to be the best Christian I can be.

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