An army of geeks at your side. We know your business is important and you need computers and workstations that you can depend on. We also know that Mr. Murphy and his pesky laws apply, especially to computers. It's bound to happen. Your computer will give up the ghost when you need it the most.


We understand your business can't afford these time delays and we'd like to help. We would love to become your trusted source for repairing your computers. GeekSpeak offers a wide range of offerings to keep the equipment in your business running smooth and efficiently. Have someone contact me

Our army of Geeks is your army of Geeks. They can help you with all sorts of technical issues including computer and networking support, virus removal, software installation, general troubleshooting, email setup, printer and peripheral troubleshooting, firewall and VPN support, and server maintenance and troubleshooting. Many repairs can be done quickly if performed remotely. For remote options, customers must have high speed internet connection and up-to-date anti-virus software.

Business Service Offerings

Business Technical Consultation

Not sure what the future holds for the technology in your office? Not sure if technology would streamline some of your business processes? Need a technology plan? We can help! We would be happy to meet with you and discuss technology plans, thoughts, or questions you may have.

Cloud Hosted Email

Is your business growing and you find that you need something more than the free Internet email services? Are you tired of running your own email service? We can help! Our hosted Exchange system is reliable and can delivers email, calendar, mobile device access, online meetings and more.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

So when you bought your last computer it came with a version of Microsoft Office that now lies in the ancient halls of antiquity. Your business has grown over the last few years and you now have many different computers in your office, each having a different version of Word or Excel. Making sure they are formatted correctly before moving the file to another computer is now costing you time and money. Why not upgrade them all to the same version? Until recently, this was a huge capital expense. Not anymore! Give us a ring to find out how we can update you to the latest version of office AND save you money.

Business Network Setup

Got Networking? We will set up your wireless or wired network and ensure that you can connect all of your devices to other network devices, printers, and the Internet.

Business Data Backup

We realize data is now a key component of many businesses. Whether it is patient records or client spreadsheets, this information is vital for your business. That is why we are offering a Data Backup Plan to ensure that your business runs smoothly without the fear of data loss. This package includes locally installed external storage and off site data backup.

Complete IT Infrastructure Setup

We will remove most of the headache of technology. This customized service includes providing all the computers, software, and networking equipment necessary to get your business into the digital age.

Business Technical Support Packages

Preventative Maintenance

You can't afford downtime because of a techno-glitch. Our preventative maintenance program will help reduce the risks of a major outage. At regular intervals, we will clean your computers on the inside and out. We will scan your company's computers for any malware (geek-speak for spyware and viruses). We will also remove any dust and dirt build-up that can cause your systems to overheat and fail. We'll clean the case, the keybsick-notbook-laptopoard, the monitor, and even the mouse. (note: malware cleaning may be conducted remotely and customers must have a high speed internet connection.)

Business Data Recovery

We will attempt to recover data that has been lost as a result of accidental deletion or hardware failure. We offer data recovery services on USB drives, hard drives, RAID arrays, or other devices.

Business Support Per Incident

Having problems with a workstation? Give us a ring and we will assist with any technical issues related to printer problems, virus removal, mail setup, firewall/VPN issues, and server maintenance.

Business Support Packages

Support packages are cost-saving values designed for businesses who have complex requirements or need ongoing technical support. For a bargain price, you can rent-a-geek. We have support packages ranging from 10-40 hours of fantastic support. This time can be used to meet any of your technical needs within a calendar year.

  • Business Support Package- Level 1 (10 hours)
    You will receive 10 Geek hours of on-site or remote support.
  • Business Support Package- Level 2 (20 hours)
    You will receive 20 Geek hours of on-site or remote support.
  • Business Support Package- Level 3 (30 hours)
    You will receive 30 Geek hours of on-site or remote support.
  • Business Support Package- Level 1 (40 hours)
    You will receive 40 Geek hours of on-site or remote support.
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