pc-on-fireComputer Problems? Is your computer not working so great? Hopefully smoke is not pouring out of it, but if it is, we can probably fix it. We understand that your computer is important to you and you need it repaired quickly and professionally. Trust GeekSpeak to provide you with the high quality service you deserve. Our friendly staff will have you Facebookin' in no time. Please Contact Me. I Need Help.

In addition to repairing computers, here is some other stuff we can do for you.

Computer Setup - Remote

Buy a new computer? We can make it easy for you. We will setup your computer to be able access to access the internet and connect all of your printers and peripherals. We'll even transfer any data that you have from your old computer. Did you buy your new computer from us? Then guess what. This service is free!

Computer Backup

Don't risk losing valuable information if your computer decides it needs a holiday. We will install a new external backup drive, ensure that your computer is connected to a backup service, and create a restore disc.

Computer cleanup

Is your computer running slower than it used to? Does it no longer have the spunk it once had? No worries. We can git'er running good as new. We will clean up your computer and remove any viruses, spyware, trial-ware, or other junk that's causing it to run like a turtle stuck in molasses in the middle of January...well you know what I mean.


Hardware installation

Did you buy your computer a sparkling new processor, a shiny new memory bank, or a speedy new hard drive? We will install it for you. By the way, we also sell this kind of stuff too.

Printer Setup

Need help getting your computer to print? Did you buy a new printer? We will install and configure a printer for your desktop, laptop, or tablet.

Wireless /Network Setup

I need my Interwebs! No problem. GeekSpeak man to the rescue! We will set up and configure a wireless router and ensure that all of your wireless devices can connect to the Internet.

Technical Questions - FREE of Charge!

Got Questions? We have answers...well...answers to technical questions anyway. Give us a ring and we'll be happy to answer any computer related questions you have in every day language.

Tardis  Call Today (815) 401-1106 Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Sat 9:00 am - 2:00 pm Sun Closed

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