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Learning a new subject, especially one that involves technology, can be intimidating.  Learn from experts in these comfortably paced workshops.  Regardless of your skillset or learning style our skilled instructors will set your mind at ease. We intentionally keep our hands-on classes small to give you the personal attention you deserve.  Classes forming now.



Microsoft Office Workshops

Excel At Spreadsheets

1.5-2 hour, 1 day
Learn the basics of Microsoft Excel, the world’s leading desktop spreadsheet. Excel is used both at home and in the office to help with a wide range of personal and business management services including basic bookkeeping and accounting, to maintaining mailing lists and more. Skill with a keyboard and mouse is needed for success in this workshop


Word For Your Mother….or Father, or Grandparent, or …..

1.5-2 hour, 1 day
Having good word processing skills is fundamental to achieving success at the computer. Come to this 1-2 hour, hands-on workshop for an introduction to the most popular word processing program, Microsoft Word, and sharpen your skills with standard formatting and editing tools. Skill with a keyboard and mouse is needed for success in this workshop. This class on Microsoft Word will teach students formatting techniques; copying/cutting and pasting; tabs, margins, and indentations. Familiarity with the mouse and keyboard is recommended.


PowerPoint, Even Though Your Parents Told You It Was Rude

1.5-2 hour, 1 day
PowerPoint is everywhere! This powerful software package is used at home and at work for organizing slides and photos, and helping people give great presentations. In this hands-on workshop, we’ll make multipaged, basic PowerPoint files complete with edited images and enhanced with stylish templates giving you the skill needed for success with this popular program.


Intro to Publisher

1.5-2 hour, 1 day
Create simple yet attractive flyers and brochures with Publisher, a convenient desktop publishing software package. We’ll look at making multipaged handouts and multifold brochures using Publisher’s powerful templates. Skill with a keyboard and mouse is needed for success in this workshop.

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Introduction Workshops

Getting Started with Computers

1.5-2 hour, 1 day
This hands-on workshop reviews basic keyboarding and mousing and more to get you comfortably started. No experience is necessary.


Continuing with Computers

1.5-2 hour, 1 day
Our workshop reviews basic aspects of computing including saving, printing, file organization, editing, and more. Skill with a keyboard and a mouse is needed.


Introduction to the Web

1.5-2 hour, 1 day
Develop the skills you need to explore and use the web confidently and competently. Skill with a keyboard and a mouse is needed.


I Have a Computer...Now What?

1-2 hour, 2 day
This beginner course is targeted to computer novices who need help setting up and running their computers to enter or re-enter the job market. In this no-stress class, students will learn the basics of using a computer: how to use a mouse, how to use the Desktop, how to start a software program and how to install software. In addition, learn about working within a Windows environment, file management, online help options, using Microsoft Word to create documents and using Microsoft Excel to create simple spreadsheets. The use of email and the Internet will also briefly be discussed.



Internet Courses

Facebook 101:

1.5-2 hour, 1 day
Covers the basics of Facebook. Students will learn: "friending"; "liking" pages; creating pages; and security issues. A Facebook account is not required. Students must be familiar with mouse and keyboard and have basic Internet skills.


Yahoo! Mail (e-mail):

1 hour, 1 day
This one-day, one hour class will teach students how to set up and use an e-mail account at Yahoo!


Gmail (e-mail)

1 hour, 1 day
This one-day, one hour class will teach students how to set up and use an e-mail account at Yahoo!


eBay Basics:

1 hour, 1 day
In class students will learn the basics of eBay®, buying and selling, feedback, PayPal, and security issues. Students should be familiar with the mouse and keyboard.



1.5-2 hour, 1 day
Beginning and Intermediate: This one-day, two hour class on the Internet is for beginning or intermediate level computer users. Students in the basic class will learn mouse basics, Internet searching, e-mail.


Internet II:

1.5-2 hour, 1 day
Students in the intermediate class will learn copying and pasting, troubleshooting, and Internet security.


Introduction to MailChimp

1.5-2 hour, 1 day
MailChimp is a DYI email marketing service that allow you to send marketing emails, automated messages, and targeted campaigns. We will cover how to get started on MailChimp, importing contacts, and sending out your first message.



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